How much longer will WBZ stay at 1170 SFR?

Martin Waters
Tue Jun 14 16:09:50 EDT 2011

--- On Tue, 6/14/11, Dan.Strassberg <> wrote: 
> As for having an emegency auxilliary site at a site owned
> by a competing broadcasting company, there must be many such
> situations in US radio.

   Maybe my statement was just my control-freak evil twin taking over 
the keyboard :)).

   In a perfect, non-NIMBY world, IMO, the best backup location in most respects is at the studios. WBZ (AM) might even be able to accomplish that at a new place, if it were in some office / light industrial park type of place.

   The studio location takes care of issues that include a Murphy's law incident in which all the program circuits to the main site are out. The engineers are right there if the aux transmitter gives trouble. Etc.

   And backups at the main site always are subject to failure if the cause of the main transmitter/antenna failure is catastrophic -- tornado (which I imagine was one of WCCO's considerations out there in the vast flatlands), hurricane, Blizzard of '78, terrorist bombing, etc.

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