How much longer will WBZ stay at 1170 SFR?

Mon Jun 13 21:31:49 EDT 2011

Sorry (well maybe not _really_ sorry), couldn't resist:

Too tall, actually, by at least 50%. But what is your proposal for
electrically isolating the upper and lower elements of the Franklin
from the tower structure and from each other? It appears that you are
proposing some sort of Folded Unipole Franklin. I think that if such
an antenna were practical, it would have been built decades ago.
Franklins require electrical isolation in the middle and a series feed
to the two elements above and below a center insulator. That
insulator, high above the ground and supporting the weight of the
upper element, is, I believe, considered to be the Achilles' heel of
the design. There was plenty of incentive to do away with the
insulator, but never any viable suggestions on how to do it, AFAIK.

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>> Unfortunately it's a HUGE problem, especially for a series-fed AM
>> tower which requires a ground system (read: lots of land).
> Hmmm.
> 350 Cedar is tall enough for a Franklin on 1030.
> No, that's a crazy idea, forget I ever said anything.
> -GAWollman

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