How much longer will WBZ stay at 1170 SFR?

Sid Schweiger
Mon Jun 13 16:32:39 EDT 2011

"I imagine they'd need to find a new location for the auxiliary radio transmitter.  Maybe that isn't much of a problem these days.  Perhaps they could put it out near the existing television tower at Route 128.  Or perhaps they could acquire a site somewhere else."

Unfortunately it's a HUGE problem, especially for a series-fed AM tower which requires a ground system (read:  lots of land).  In an overgrown metro area like Boston, there are precious few areas where you could build an AM tower without a zoning variance and/or heavy opposition from local residents.  There's nothing these days which will bring the NIMBYs out in force like a proposal to build a tower in their neighborhood...and I'm speaking from first-hand experience.

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