How much longer will WBZ stay at 1170 SFR?

Scott Fybush
Mon Jun 13 16:05:33 EDT 2011

Kevin Vahey wrote:

> BUT - CBS IS Westinghouse :) 

It wasn't when they were designing the building! That was an 
all-Westinghouse project, even though CBS entered the picture towards 
the end of the work.

> Harvard obviously has something in mind....but Harvard thinks 50-100 
> years ahead. They made a mistake 100 years ago when they did not lock up 
> the land on the Cambridge side south of Harvard Yard. They will never 
> make that error again.
> BTW I assume 68 is still in the Ground Round /HoJo's building that WBZ 
> helped closed when they made it off-limits to employees after work. High 
> profile arrest of some news talent was the reason. Ground Round had a 
> captive audience next door for lunch/dinner.

When was this? It was never made explicitly off-limits during my time 
there, and since when would management have had any right to tell 
employees (especially AFTRAns and other unionized employees) where they 
can and can't go when they're off the clock?

During my time there, we held several farewell parties for departing 
co-workers at the Ground Round. I remember Jacquie Goddard's in 
particular, when she was headed off to work for Mayor Menino. (Where is 
Jacquie now, I wonder?)

And yes, 68 is still in the building, last I checked.


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