Radio Farm Programs

Doug Drown
Tue Jun 7 12:53:12 EDT 2011

There has been a thread on the New York Broadcasting History board for the past couple of days that in part has dealt with an early morning farm report that used to be on WABC during its Top 40 heyday.  It was an anomaly as far as the station's format was concerned, but one respondent said that such programs were required of all radio stations years ago, no matter how far they were from agricultural areas.  

I remember when WBZ used to have a half-hour farm report very early on Sunday mornings (5:30 to 6, I think).  I believe it was hosted by a fellow named Guy Ferris (or Farris).  The theme tune for the program was Sir Percy Grainger's "In An English Country Garden."   If I'm not mistaken, this show lasted into the 1990s.   What became of it and of its host?

How many other such programs do BRI folks remember?


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