WCRB to simulcast on 88.7 in R.I.

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 15:00:19 EDT 2011

Many years ago,maybe in early 80s, I took part in a radio survey put
out by something called RAM (Radio Audience Measurement?). I think I
told them I was in college radio but they said no big deal. I think I
put down I listened to stations like WDLW (country) and my own, too.
It was a diary.

Then in the past decade I was chosen as a "Nielsen household" (again I
gave full disclosure that I was in radio, not TV, and they said that
was fine). They had to rewire my TV and put a device in; when I
changed channels I had to hit confirm buttons. Also had to do the same
once in awhile "so we know you didn't fall asleep" or something.
Whenever I had someone drop by in the room I had to enter in their age
and gender, etc. but usually for myself the info was already in there.
After two years (IIRC) they came back and took the wiring out of my
TV, etc.

I think I got $25 or $50 once in awhile, and also when they first came
by they gave me a gift basket with candies and such. I don't know how
accurate the ratings are whether on TV or radio (but perhaps they
claim their sample size and demographic outreach is indicative of TV,
or radio, viewing/listening as a whole.)

goal of programming for PPMs is to create a station that dial-
owners (in stores, workplaces, etc.) will play for captive audiences.

Certainly I run into this; a laundromat will have WMJX on while a
local breakfast place pipes in Mike 93.7 (In the early 80s when I
worked at Building 19 in Lynn we used to run WCGY,
"Blue Suede Radio") Some places run XM--I have run into Hess gas
stations running "The Bridge", one BBQ place in Connecticut had a
Sirius country channel on, and a bar and grille here in Beverly runs
XM Classic Tracks, etc

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