WJMF CP: Antenna Seems VERY Directional

Laurence Glavin lglavin@mail.com
Sat Jun 4 15:32:33 EDT 2011

With all the commentary here, at radio-info.com and even the Boston Musical Intelligencer about the carriage of
 WCRB All-classical 99.5 on WJMF-FM 88.7 near Providence, RI, I thought I'd look at the CP to boost power
 from 225 watts to 1.2 KW because in the past few months, a slew of stations on 88.5 have popped up in
 southeastern Mass and and a station on the same frequency (with the iconic WMEX call letters) has been
 authorized for Martha's Vineyard, MA. First of all, according to the FCC web site, this CP expired Friday,
 June 3rd. Have they at least started testing yet? The type of antenna for WJMF goes from NDA to DA
 with seemingly sharp minima at 70 degrees (northeasterly) and 260 degrees (northwesterly). The new
 antenna is a bit south of the Bryant campus so instead of being NW of Providence, it's more to the west of the
 city. I wonder how much oomph (a technical term) it will deliver to the Independent Man City, as well as
 Pawtucket, East Prov, etc. When I enter the coordinates for the new site (41, 48, 12 N; 71, 33, 27W) and
 click on 'satellite', then zoom in, there's a tower there already, possibly a cellular phone tower. The
 NECRAT photo still shows the old antenna on the campus.

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