Sat Jun 4 07:46:47 EDT 2011

Well it is illegal to market a non-FCC compliant device.  Intertech-FM was 
issued two fines totalling 40K for doing that. Here is one of  the fines
EBay "can" restrict what they want but don't follow their own  rules. Try 
reporting a one-killowatt, uncertified transmitter and see how far it  gets 
you. These guys are bringing in money to eBAy and they aren't going to do  
anything to disturb that. In  fact, one of the merchants is the same guy  that 
got the 40K fine!
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bob.bosra@demattia.net writes:

>  Why couldn't a licensed broadcaster sell a transmitter on eBay to  
> licensed broadcaster?  Happens all the time, I'm sure.  For that matter,
> is possession of a high-power transmitter  without a license for same
> actually illegal if it isn't being  used?

You are  correct, as far as the law is concerned, there's nothing  wrong   
with  someone selling an FM transmitter to someone else.  It's also
not  illegal to possess such a device.  It is only illegal to use it  
a  license.

However, eBay has its own rules about what can and  can't be sold
in  the service.  Specifically about FM transmitters they say:

Low-power radio transmitting devices and related  equipment: The FCC 
restricts how powerful these items can be. FM  transmitters are limited to an 
effective range of approximately 35-100 feet  (11-30 meters). AM transmitters 
are limited to an effective range of  approximately 200-250 feet (61-76 
meters). Sellers can't list devices that  claim or suggest they have a larger 

eBay, a private company, can restrict what's on their  site and doesn't 
really need to have
a reason.  They have a whole list of things you  can't sell here: 


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