In a hotel room in Vancouver

Kevin Vahey
Sat Jun 4 00:03:37 EDT 2011

Before cable blew broadcast out of the water in local sports - there was a company in Syracuse (Eastern Microwave) that bounced signals all over the place)

38 didn't get a penny out of it BUT eyeballs 

I remember when Somerville cable had WPIX - when 11 signed off WCBS would kick in 

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>From a friend in Vancouver, who [besides having a Bet on the Bruins with me]
I asked about WSBK on Cable.

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On cable we get that one as well as channels from Atlanta, NYC, Chicago and
LA. In addition we get NBC, CBS, PBS & ABC from Detroit and FOX from
Rochester so can watch shows three hours earlier if we don't want to watch
the local or Seattle ones.

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