WCRB to simulcast on 88.7 in R.I.

Mark Laurence marklaurence@mac.com
Fri Jun 3 15:04:41 EDT 2011

On Jun 03, 2011, at 02:04 PM, Bob DeMattia <bob.bosra@demattia.net> wrote:

> If college students are anything like my kids, they are already
> listening to music on smartphones or ipods anyways. Radio?
> What's radio?
I know many people share your opinion, including many radio people
who think younger listeners are deserting radio for new media.  But
the evidence just doesn't support it.

PPM ratings for the most recent month in Boston show:

94.1% of people age 18-24 cumed radio in April.  They listen an average
of 10 hours 15 minutes a week.

95.1% of people age 12-21 cumed radio in April.  They listen an average
of 7 hours 45 minutes a week.

These are solid listening numbers, not quite as high in TSL as 25-54, but
it's hardly a generation that's turning their backs on radio.

I hate to see radio people overstate the loss of young listeners.  I think
radio is holding onto its young demos as well as or better than any other
mass media.


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