WCRB to simulcast on 88.7 in R.I.

Bob DeMattia bob.bosra@demattia.net
Fri Jun 3 14:51:33 EDT 2011

This blog entry, available on WJMF's website, may offer a little more
insight into
what they are thinking:

* WJMF Partnership with
WGBH<http://www.wjmf887.com/wjmf/news/wjmf-partnership-wgbh> Posted
On: Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 16:48

These are very exciting times for WJMF radio, Bryant University, and WGBH.
As you may have heard, WJMF will no longer be 88.7, but rather be an HD-2
channel off of 88.7 acquired by WGBH. What does this mean for our listeners?
Although we are losing our fm dial position, we will be available on HD
radio, DTV, and we will increase our presence steaming online in places such
as iTunes radio. We will be broadcasting from WGBH's HD-2 channel. To tune
us in, you will need to tune to 88.7, and tune up. Almost like Platform 9 ¾,
WJMF will basically be between 88.7 & 88.9. However, this requires an HD
receiver. As the receiver's chip is becoming smaller while this technology
advances, it is becoming more readily available. The opportunity presented
itself thanks to the fine folks at WGBH, and WJMF is getting ahead of the
curve moving to HD.
Also, you can hear us from further away. We are increasing our wattage from
225 to 1200 watts. Watt does this mean to you the listener? You will now be
able to listen to us from Westerly, Rhode Island to the outskirts of
Framingham, Massachusetts. . We also plan to make a permanent presence in
Providence for the first time. WAlso launching a DTV channel, you to hear us
from your phone. Stay tuned for a WJMF iPhone App.
WGBH will be re-transmiting their signal from WGBH’s 99.5 All Classical
service, returning round-the-clock classical broadcasts to the Providence
area via 88.7fm. The increase in coverage will be present here as well. WGBH
will be operating at 1200 watts opposed to the current 225 watts, expanding
the frequency's coverage. President Ron Machtley acclaims that he is,
“thrilled that this collaboration returns classical music broadcasts to
Rhode Island while providing our students hands-on opportunities to master
leading-edge technologies for delivery of WJMF music, sports programming,
and talk shows not just in New England but throughout the country.”
The changeover will take place in August. Again, keep us tuned in and thank
you for your continuing support!

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