channel 4 pranked by Stern caller

Donna Halper
Wed Jun 1 17:52:59 EDT 2011

Well, once again, the dangers of putting live callers on the air.  A guy 
called into channel 4 news and said he was from Douglas, MA, where there 
had been reports of tornadoes or severe hail.  At first, he started 
giving what sounded like a reasonable eye-witness report, but then he 
said everything sounded like "Baba-booey, baba-booey."  They cut him off 
immediately, but again, it shows that putting callers on the air live 
without first vetting them (in a crisis, that's hard to do) can lead to 
problems.  Btw, I had no idea Howard Stern's prank callers were still 
out there.  Stupid people-- I mean, it's a time of an emergency, people 
are eager to get the latest weather, and this joker takes advantage of 
the situation.  Sad.

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