WILD changes?

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But this arrangement, in which an American entity would buy the signal
and LMA it to a foreign entity, probably is legal. I think KIRN, which
broadcasts in Farsi in the Los Angeles area, and some other stations
in east the and midwest, several of which seem to be owned by Birach
Broadcasting, are examples of exactly such arrangements. If not, there
must be quite a few China-financed but nominally American entities
that can and will gladly step up and buy WILD with guarantees of
long-term leases from the Chinese governmemt or from China-financed
"American" companies.

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>> An hour or so ago, the programming, in English, was coming from
>> mainland China. The program hosts repeatedly referred to Beijing
>> as THIS city. My guess is that the Chinese government is
>> sub-leasing
>> the signal from the outfit that is leasing the signal from Radio
>> One,
>> pending FCC approval of the transfer of control. If true, what that
>> would mean is that R1 found someone who is able and willing to pay
>> the way-above-market price that R1 has been asking--or close to it.
>> The Chinese government has LOTS of $$$!
> Can a foreign citizen, never mind a foreign government, be a
> licenseholder in the US?
> I thought this was impossible.

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