WILD changes?

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Well, I heard a seven or eight-minute segment on speaking Chinese (for
English speakers). It tried to teach English speakers how to say
common phrases like "Can somebody open the door for me? and "You're
welcome," in Chinese. My conclusion was that, if Chinese speakers find
learning English half as difficult as I was finding learning these few
phrases in Chinese, there was little hope of Americans and Chinese
people ever conversing with each other.

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>I have run into some kind of Chinese-Radio-International-In-English
> program run on stations like WROL, awhile back (and one website I
> saw
> listed CRI as running on WROL from "1800 to 1900". WROL's website
> lists "CRI news" as running from 5:30 to 6 pm, and 2-3 am.)
> http://www.wrolradio.com/wrolprogramschedule.html
>> BTW, one of the programs I heard a part of was Massachusetts news,
>> in
>> English, probably being read in Beijing. The reader obviously did
>> not
>> speak English as a first language but, aside from the common
>> mispronunciation of Worcester as War-chest-er, she was doing a
>> decent
>> job--even if it was a bit painful to listen to the heavily
>> Chinese-accented English
> Yes, I think  what I'd heard months ago was totally in English (no
> Chinese language mixed in). Perhaps designed for Chinese immigrants
> to
> our country.

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