The Most Expensive Thing I Ever Won From A Radio Station

Tue Jul 26 11:08:27 EDT 2011

This diverges from the actual topic a bit, but speaking of 
prize-winning on the radio....
I was doing the overnights at a station in Anchorage, AK. (KBYR-AM).  
They had been
a powerhouse in the market at one time but their MOR format had become 
pretty stale
and slipped considerably over the years.
I had a prize (an album of some sort) to give away and I offered it to 
caller 15.
Ten minutes later, after no phone calls, I offered it to caller number 1.
Ten minutes after that, I said "I'll throw in $10.00 of my own money 
if someone will just call".
It was then that I realized that I was playing  Frank Sinatra just for me.
And, truth be told, I wasn't even listening.
John Lee (WNBP, Newburyport)

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