WEEI on HD-2 signals of WAAF, WKAF

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 12:38:44 EDT 2011

So far it seems like none of them are running HD-3s, at least from
where I am in Beverly with that HD portable. They had tried WEEI on
the WMKK HD-3 for awhile...WMKK only has the HD2 with Funkytown, and
WAAF and WKAF have WEEI even though I think the HD2 on WAAF was
supposed to have been "live rock" or something. On the display of my
portable it  just said "WKAF-HD 2", no mention of WEEI, and I'm too
far from WAAF to pick up any HDs. (The WKAF not a surprise when one
considers it's not all that far from
Great Blue Hill to just south of downtown Boston, then it's all water
from there to my home).

So yes Entercom had tried WEEI on the HD-3 of WMKK though quality mono
and not all that spectacular. They may not have figured it was worth
doing an HD-3, even on a talk (and play-by-play) signal such as WEEI
to be relayed.

I can't tell for sure if the WKAF (and WAAF) HD-2s running WEEI are in
stereo but they sounded fine to me from briefly tuning in during the
Red Sox game last night. Whether Ent, would switch Funkytown to an
HD-3 and make it mono, I doubt it but who knows. I would presume CBS
highlights the stereo sound/great acoustics they have on Patriots and
Bruins play by play (those pucks hitting the glass, those players
banging into each other etc.) and I don't know if they'd consider
doing Red Sox or Celtics games in stereo as well. From what I can
gather, when FMs carry the Sox (like WBOQ) it's probably mono, but who

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