Leased-time program on WRCA is about restoring/collecting oldvacuum-tube radios

Paul B. Walker, Jr.
Wed Jul 27 12:33:34 EDT 2011

Wrong Dan, there is no 3third part involved for PI Spots. I've worked at
stations that ran PI Spots.... and you hafta trust em, they are reputable
companies in my eyes, SMP in Wayne, PA and Airtime Media in Stamford, CT are
the two big PI Spot reps.

If you ask for a log of calls, Im sure they'd supply it to you,


On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 11:23 AM, Dan.Strassberg <>wrote:

> Presumably, WRCA's alternative is "Music Through the Night" which
> carries a couple of spots in an hour. One is from Gerber Baby Food,
> which is selling life insurance on the lives of infants to the parents
> of those infants. (Well, given the demos, maybe the GRANDparents of
> the infants.) I suspect that those are PI's. That is, the station is
> reimbursed per-inquiry, although it's unclear to me how the advertiser
> links an inquiry to a station. Indeed, I can't believe that the
> advertiser could be on the honor system to report the inquiries it
> receives to the stations that carry the ads. There's got to be a
> trusted third party involved so that neither the station nor the
> advertiser gets shafted. From this, we can infer that the alternative
> doesn't pay very well, but I imagine the program producer pays the
> station at least $200 for each 1-hour program. If the station needs to
> fill another hour and repeats a program, I'm guessing that the program
> producer doesn't pay an additional fee. Someone who is familiar with
> the business of leased-time radio has to answer this.
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>  What do you link an hour at 4AM costs on a station like WRCA?
>> Enough to pay the electricity?
>> -Bob
>> On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 7:00 AM, Dan.Strassberg
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>>  On Wednesdays from 4:00AM to 5:00AM, WRCA(AM) 1330 is carrying a
>>> program about restoring/buying/selling/****swapping old vacuum-tube
>>> radios. The program is called Tube Time. I did not catch the name
>>> of
>>> the host. Last night, the program followed the late Danny Stiles'
>>> Music Museum show and the records played between the interview/talk
>>> segments were very much in keeping with Stiles' selections--in this
>>> case, non-rock from the late 40s and early 50s.
>>> The guest on last night's show was the owner/publisher of a
>>> specialty
>>> magazine for collectors/restorers of and dealers in old vacuum-tube
>>> radios. I didn't catch his name either, or for that matter, the
>>> name
>>> of his magazine, which he said he had owned for only about the last
>>> eight months. I suppose the magazine has a Web site, though given
>>> its
>>> subject and the sort of folks it would appeal to, maybe not. In any
>>> event, I don't think the URL of any Web site was given out during
>>> the
>>> program. In fact, I don't think the host gave out any contact info
>>> (e-mail or postal address) for himself. Unless I missed the URL and
>>> contact info (I suppose I might have dozed off), you have to wonder
>>> why the guy who runs the show would spend his time putting it
>>> together or his money getting it on the air.
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