Most expensive thing I ever won from a radio station

Douglas Broda
Tue Jul 26 05:46:39 EDT 2011

I haven't ever won anything more in value than $50. (However... I was 
selected to present my computer simulation of the 1986 World Series 
on-air on a now-defunct low-budget station. Yes, the computer had the 
Mets winning the series; no, Bill Buckner did not commit a crucial E-3 
in my simulation. As they say on the MLB/MasterCard ads, priceless.)

My stepdaughters, on the other hand, have a magic touch. Their biggest 
prize was a trip for two to Vegas (to attend some hip-hop star's Vegas 
party bash), but on top of that they have gone to more concerts than I 
can count on my fingers free of charge courtesy of local stations, as 
well as collecting a wide variety of other swag. All of that the 
old-fashioned way -- manual calling.

On 7/25/2011 4:36 PM, Sean Smyth wrote:
> I won $100 from Kiss-108 years ago, and a few years before that I won BU-Holy Cross football tickets from WEEI. (If I'd only known no one cared about BU football...)

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