Most expensive thing I ever won from a radio station

Mon Jul 25 15:27:53 EDT 2011

It was 1962 and the station was the old CBS-owned WEEI 590. Depending
on how you look at it, I won either a 17' boat, motor, and trailer or
a 1962 Plymouth two-door sedan with standard transmission
(bottom-of-the-line car). Officially, I won the boat, which was the
grand prize, but I did not want it and had no place to keep it. One of
the five first-prize winners had three brand-new top-of-the-line 1962
Fords (used them in his business) and had no interest in a plain-Jane
two-door Plymouth sedan. So we arranged an even-up swap. I needed a
new car and the tiny apartment in Belmont in which my late wife and I
were living had a parking space for it in the back. I drove the car
for ten years and traded it in for a '72 Dodge Dart hard-top.

I won the Plymouth by naming a bunch of WEEI programs based on clues
provided on the entry blank that I picked up at the local Star Market
and writing a 25-word statement on "My favorite WEEI prograsm is....
because....". I submitted the same entry four or five times; there was
no rule against submitting multiple entries. I figured that I won the
grand prize because of the multiple entries. Whoever ran the contest
for WEEI sent a private detective around looking for me. My wife
called me at work to tell me but she could not tell me that I had won
anything because the detective would not tell her anything except that
his visit had something to do with a contest I had entered.

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