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On 7/24/2011 9:42 AM, Kevin Vahey wrote:

> My braincells tell me WCOP dropped Top 40 late 1961 or early 62.

I'm pretty sure it was sometime during the summer of 1962.  I remember 
it well.  It was between my junior and senior years in high school.  My 
parents had decided to redecorate my room and let me pick the colors, 
etc.  I was using my sister's room while she was at camp, and I remember 
writing to her to tell her that WCOP had stopped playing rock & roll.  
She wasn't happy either.  And I remember being in her room when I first 
listened to WMEX's daytime programming, with Fenway (formerly Eddie 
Mitchell of WCOP), Mel Miller, The Jones Boy, Dan Donovan, and Melvin X. 
Melvin.  Arnie Ginsburg was the only one of these guys that I had heard 
before.  I first heard him on WBOS.

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