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On 7/24/2011 7:52 AM, Mark Connelly wrote:

> In the 1960-1961 era (my 5th / 6th grades at the Brackett School, 
> Arlington), WCOP was the big favorite for me and many of my 
> classmates.  The fact that its 1150 transmitter was on Concord Ave. in 
> Lexington, less than two miles away, no doubt helped since you could 
> hear WCOP on any piece of junk including "rocket radios" - basically 
> very small crystal sets not needing a battery.  Kids would clip the 
> "rocket radios" to metal classroom desks and sneak-listen to WCOP with 
> the tiny earphone. 

I also have fond memories of WCOP in those days.  I was in 6th grade in 
May 1957, when my family moved to Bedford, and about to start my senior 
year in high school when it suddenly switched to an MOR format.  In 
Bedford, too, it was a very strong station, and it was THE station that 
most of us listened to.  The only time I listened to WMEX in those days 
was on Sunday night, when Arnie Ginsburg played oldies.  But nighttime 
reception of WMEX was difficult, with the signal almost overwhelmed by 
WKBW in Buffalo.  I really began listening to WMEX when WCOP dropped the 
Top 40 programming, and that was when I discovered WMEX's really great 
sound.  Some years later, while driving at night, I discovered that the 
WMEX night signal faded as I turned the car off the main road into the 
side streets that led to our house.

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