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I can recall WCOP was very popular with teens in Newton and Waltham at night - WMEX had issues :)

I lived in Cambridge and my Mom used to put the phone up to the radio so her sister could hear Jerry Williams in West Newton.

I am guessing COP decided that going MOR and running NBC's Monitor made more sense for them with the bottom line. 

WEZE at the time had become #1 in Boston with the beautiful music format. They would remain king until WJIB blew them away around 1967. I am guessing WEZE did not want to run Monitor and NBC went shopping and found WCOP.
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> WCOP was (and WWDJ still is) nulled at night toward CHSJ St John NS,
> which must have left 1150 (for 700) 30 years ago, and has now left 
> 700
> for FM (probably more than five years ago). Communities on the North
> Shore lie in this null.
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>> WMEX had one signal advantage at night and that was the north shore
>> above Revere as WCOP just vanished.

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