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Even though WBZA was synchroed with WBZ and was therefore a 100% 
simulcast of WBZ, it DID retain separate studios in Springfield and, I 
believe, DID originate some programming (maybe 30 minutes per week) 
from them. That programming was (obviously) carried on both WBZ and 
WBZA. WBZA's Springfield studios were in, I believe, the Hotel Kimball 
in Springfield.

I believe that the building that housed the Hotel Kimball still 
exists, although it is no longer a hotel. I believe it has been 
converted into condos that are occupied by senior citizens. IIRC, a 
year or two ago, the developers devoted some effort and $$$ to attract 
people from Boston to buy condos in the building on the basis that the 
cost of equivalent condos in Boston was many times as great. One of 
the pitches was that they had managed to secure the parking lot to the 
extent that car thefts and break-ins had become relatively rare 

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> On 7/23/2011 12:58 AM, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>> WBZ 990 50 kW Hotel Bradford
>> WBZA 990 1000 W (not clear why both are listed) Hotel Bradford
> Maybe because they got the new listing for WBZ and didn't know 
> enough to delete the old listing for WBZA.  Remember when Bob went 
> through some obsolete radio station listings in the phone book? 
> I've also seen some lawyers continuing to be listed in the 
> Massachusetts Lawyers Diary long after their deaths.  Somehow 
> listings take on a life of their own.
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