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I can pick up WROL quite decently all day long up here in Downeast 
Maine.     -Doug

On Fri, 22 Jul 2011 09:28:34 -0400, "Dan.Strassberg"  wrote:
I don't know about a Bulova connection with 950, but at the FCC,
> Bulova seemed to have a reputation as kind of a shadowy character. 
> AFAIK, he never owned any stations through Bulova Watch Co, which he
> owned, but rather, his radio ownerships were listed under his own
> name, Arde Bulova. He owned WNEW in New York City and also either WAAM
> or WODA, share timers (on what would eventually become 1280) that
> later merged to become WOV. Once WODA and WAAM merged, I believe
> Bulova owned WOV. That was probably before 1943, when the FCC broke up
> duopolies, So for a while, I think he owned both WOV and WNEW. I'm not
> sure which of the two he retained after duopolies were abolished. We
> probably need Donna and/or Scott to untangle that one. Oh, and
> remember that WORL went dark for several months or years in the the
> mid/late 1940s after losing its license for, IIRC, unauthorized
> transfer of control. That sounds like the sort of shenanigan that
> Bulova could easily have been involved with. 
> I'm pretty sure that, before it went dark, WORL had its transmitter in
> Wellesley or someplace close by. That site was likely on the campus of
> Babson College, which was somehow related to the original owner, The
> Babson Statistical Organization. Then, around the time when when WORL
> was to return to the air, WHDH had completed its move from its site on
> the Lynn Marsh Rd in Saugus to the current (WEEI) site in Needham. 
> That move freed up the Saugus site for WORL, which as WROL occupies it
> to this day. Despite frequent incursions by the Atlantic Ocean, the
> site is a gem because of the salt water path to so much of the Boston
> area. 
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> >I stand corrected, Chris, after rereading your post. I believe Bulova
> >did own WORL at one time --- and WCOP as well. 
> > On Fri, 22 Jul 2011 07:08:00 -0400, Doug Drown  wrote:
> > I think Bulova owned WCOP, not WHIL. WCOP was later sold to Plough,
> >> the pharmaceutical company. I don't know who owned WHIL, but I
> >> remember it being a classy little station. -Doug
> >>
> >> On Fri, 22 Jul 2011 02:11:23 -0400, Chris Hall  wrote:
> >> Three of the WHIL announcers I remember were Dave Maynard and Jack
> >> Chatterton one of several WHDH staff including Alan Dary’s
> >> > first time (pre WHDH) after WORL owned by Bulova Watch went
> >> > silent, later returned for the Music of your Life. They would
> >> > occasionally stop by to visit Joe Kruger and Dottie
> >> Jones > (Receptionist-den mother of WHIL=WWEL:-WXKS)
> >> >
> >> >
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