Could News Corp lose right to broadcast in the US

Kevin Vahey
Fri Jul 22 07:22:45 EDT 2011

I am guessing that when CBS first leased WEEI from Edison before buying it the station had the second strongest signal in the city - WHDH and WLAW had yet to upgrade.

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Yes, plus NBC had WJAS in Pittsburgh and ABC had KABC in LA.   

Did CBS make a later bid for Channel 5 when it became apparent that the
Herald-Traveler was going to lose it?  -Doug

On Fri, 22 Jul 2011 01:50:14 -0400, Don  wrote:
>  I became
> > amazed that GIANT CBS owned and operated a 5,000-watt directional
> AM > anywhere. Most chains of radio stations by the established
> networks and
> > major players like what was then Westingouse seemed to have
> specialized in > lower-case 'c' clear channel outlets or regional
> blowtorches.
> RKO General had 5KW WHBQ and 5KW KFRC
> Wasn't Westinghouse's WIND only 5KW's too?

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