Could News Corp lose right to broadcast in the US

Kevin Vahey
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Paley wanted WEEI-TV on channel 5 badly but as we found out later the 'fix' was in for the Herald-Traveler.

WBBM-TV Chicago as the most profitable of the CBS O&O's...

Paley was hands on - he ordered WBBM to become all news as he was afraid Westinghouse would make WIND all news even though the talk format was very popular. 
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"There was a time that Black Rock considered WCBS-TV the network. ABC and NBC at least went black during local breaks - CBS kept feeding channel 2."

Probably because CBS, particularly CBS News, provided a lot of local programming for WCBS-TV.  The late Fred Friendly, while he was running CBS News, raged impotently that "Channel 2 News" had been taken away from him and placed under Channel 2 management.  There is a video on TVArk of Robert Trout's last newscast for WCBS-TV, in which he promos his replacement, Jim Jensen (the same one that worked at WBZ-TV).

Historically the networks' local stations always brought in far more profit than their networks did.

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