Kiss 108 (was: Red Sox game)
Wed Jul 13 23:10:33 EDT 2011

1430 and 107.9 were simulcast in 1979, 80.  Then sometime in late '80  or 
early '81, adult standards came to 1430. Out went all the Sunday ethnic  
programs on 1430.   -  The COL-change from Medford to Everett  didn't happen til 
March 1985, and that was so nighttime service could  happen.  With a huge 
null to the west-southwest, most of Medford would  not have been covered 
signal-wise, in fact so much so that the night signal did  not make the 
requirements of covering the COL (Medford).  So, to make  a station cover its COL at 
night.... change the COL.  After nighttime  service began, the station ID I 
came up with, to soften the blow to Medford,  was: "1430 
WXKS-Everett-Boston, with studios in Medord".  That was used for  at least 6 months after 
March 1985.

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