Baseball radio in the Northeast

Kevin Vahey
Wed Jul 13 10:04:43 EDT 2011

EMPIRE did the impossible - got a CRTC waiver to be carried in Niagara - MSG doesn't - nor does FOX Detroit
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Kevin Vahey wrote:
> As bad as the Broons were the last 20 years I was told that the team
> was a huge profit center for WBZ and AM fought to keep them when 98.5
> came along.
> I don't understand the Mets thinking.
> Is SNY on cable upstate? MSG is secure as they locked up Sabres
> hockey when Empire imploded. YES seems to be on all systems in NYS. 

Yes, the Mets have the exact same TV territory as the Yankees - all of 
NYS, northern NJ, half of CT - and SNY appears to be available 
everywhere YES (at least the local version, not "National YES") is seen.

Of course, Time Warner Cable is so dominant in upstate NY that once 
you've done a deal with them, as SNY did right from the start, you're 
covered nearly everywhere up here. The only major area that wasn't 
historically TWC up here was Buffalo, but when Adelphia imploded (see 
"Empire," above), TWC sucked up those cable assets in a hurry.


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