Red Sox games

Kevin Vahey
Wed Jul 13 08:01:20 EDT 2011

WHUE AM-FM started on Jan 1, 1979 as I remember WACQ's final moments on 1150 was a drunken New Year's party. 

I am certain that Disco Vinny on WBOS was the reason KISS 108 began.

Meanwhile WITS trying to stay afloat sold the Bay Village studio and moved back to the old WMEX studios at Fenway. They did have one rising star in Glenn Ordway who took over from Steve Fredricks who left Boston for good for Philly when his WITS check bounced.
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Thinking back you may be right about 78 - PLM and WDLW first got involved when the Bruins had long playoff runs in 77,78 and 79 which caused WITS nightmares as the Sox could not be moved. 
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I'm quite sure the Sox were still doing nights on WWEL in 1978 (I remember I 
was a Gas Station Mgr back then and listening to WWEL for the Games at night 
because EVEN IN RANDOLPH, WMEX was questionable (at least in a 'buzzing' 
fluorescent lighted area) at night...

-Paul H

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The late Jack Craig pounded the Sox for the move to WMEX in the Globe and 
WWEL had the games in 76 and 77 and PLM took over in 78. WCOP AM and FM 
carried the 75 Series from NBC which exposed WMEX even more. WMEX could take 
the NBC feed as there was no local radio back then for the Series.

The big winner was Dick Richmond who was able to unload a dying WMEX for big 
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We had already moved 107.9 to the Pru at the start of WWEL-FM which 
coincided with the change from country
to Bonneville programmed Beautiful music.  The night baseball decision was 
not popular but may be a short term
way to bring in revenue to take the station to the next level.  Joe Kruger 
thought there might be a good crossover
demographically between the Red Sox and beautiful music listeners for 
getting a new audience sample the station.
It did not pan out and was cancelled when Bonneville went apoplectic with a 
threat to pull the service which they
finally did moving it to the old WCOP-FM as the new WHUE.  An abrupt 
overnight decision was made for a format 
change to disco. Though the BM format was still healthy at the time (most of 
Heftels other stations were BM) having 
three in the market and not having either Bonneville or Shulke (WJIB) was 
the deciding factor. 

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