Baseball radio in the Northeast

Paul Hopfgarten
Tue Jul 5 10:34:42 EDT 2011

Not to be picky, but it was 99.1 WPLM (I don't believe the Sox ever flagged 
OR even broadcast on 99.5....though they did do night games only on 107.9 
WWEL in 1978, guess Disco and Sox didn't mix, so they did not continue when 
WXKS (KISS) started in 1979...) Just think...Gloria Gainor "I will survive" 
into a big Sox-NYY series pre-game......or, if we lost, come out of the game 
with the Tramps "Burn Baby Burn Disco Inferno......there were so many 
possibilities! <G>

(99.5 maybe simulcast the Bruins in the 1510 WSSH days?)

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Concord NH

PS: Who bought 102.3 Concord and when the #@*& are they going to go on the 

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Nothing in CT surprises me as Citi Field is easy to get to off 95 over the 

I am wondering if NYY radio built the network when WMCA was the flagship in 
the 70's.

BTW how odd that the Red Sox have never used WBZ - they have over the 
decades been on 1260, 850, 1510, 99.5 and 680.
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> Great story in yesterday's Globe comparing the Red Sox and
> Yankees
> radio network.
> What I find amazing is the Mets in their 50th year have no
> network to
> speak of - I think they have 2 stations around Albany and
> that is it.

I never understood that -- there are pockets of western Mass. with some Mets 
fans, especially around Pittsfield, where they had their A-ball team for a 

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