as the sun sets in St John's, Newfoundland

Sun Jul 3 21:23:17 EDT 2011

Apparently, the problem is that the 440-mile distance is from CJCH to
CHCM and NOT, as I had thought, from WEZE to CHCM. Curiously, the
great circle between Boston and Marystown must pass right over
Halifax, because the correct distance from WEZE to CHCM seems to be
840 miles--just 440 miles further than the distance from WEZE to CJCH.
I guess you could call that a fortuitous error;>). Sorry for the
confusion, fortuitous or not, this was a careless error on my part!

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> 400  miles from CJCH (Halifax NS) to WEZE
> 440 miles from CHCM (Marystown NF) to  WEZE
> Impossible!  Newfoundland is hundreds of miles east northeast from
> Halifax.  It's at least 150 miles going east from Halifax to the end
> of  Nova
> Scotia's Cape Breton.
> --BB

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