Driving in Nova Scotia

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I didn't think it is possible but around 1 PM Atlantic Time on 740 I caught Reverend Mr Black by the Kingston Trio - please tell me that wasn't the Fresh Pond signal :)
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I fail  to see how this thread is radio related.....perhaps we should start 
"Boston People who like Ferries" list.....

Oh, I think it's relevant....  That info (no more ferries) would keep  
DX'er wanting to go on a Maritime DXpedition from wasting time searching on the  
internet for non-existent ferry service.
And to make this post totally radio-related.  I drove 40 miles each  way 
from Yarmouth holding both WJTO and WJIB clearly.  And JTO sounded  almost 
like a local in the car.  And sitting in Truro, NS one night, what  came is on 
740?  Not CBL  (this was 1996), but rather the Marysville,  NL 740 repeater 
of one of those VO-- stations in St. Johns NL.    Strongest Boston AM at 
night.... 850.

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