Driving in Nova Scotia

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Sat Jul 2 17:25:19 EDT 2011

I fail to see how this thread is radio related.....perhaps we should start a
"Boston People who like Ferries" list.....

<tongue in cheek mode OFF>

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Dan S asked:
> As for ferries, what about the ferry from Portland ME to Yarmouth? Is
> that gone also?

   Dan - yeah.  the Scotia Prince bugged out a few years back.  and for a 
while, we had a couple-of-days-a-week thing working with The Cat.  But 
latest check on the Cat's website is that it is no longer running - not even

Yarmouth to Bah Hahhhbah.  Note to self: buy ferry, resume service, make 
some money.  save on gas... hire people to row.  maybe not.

--Chuck Igo 

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