Globe writer says it is time for Gil Santos and Gino Cappelletti to retire.

Sean Smyth
Fri Dec 23 12:08:59 EST 2011

Kevin Vahey writes: 
<< Gil Santos goes back to 1966 when he did color with Bob Starr. Gino
Cappelletti took over the color role when Starr left after the 71 season.

There was about a 10 year period when WEEI and WHDH had the games and they
were called by John Carlson, Curt Gowdy and Dale Arnold.

Truth is the games have become hard to listen to. >>

I was listening to the Pats-Skins game a couple weeks ago while running around town, and Cappelletti sounded really bad. I wonder how much of Gil's issue is with spotters; I'm presuming he has some good ones, but it also sounds like stuff he's missing is very basic, and stuff even age shouldn't affect. And he may be shouldering more of the load with Gino (understandably) sounding less like his younger self, too.

That tandem is still miles ahead of the Redskins radio team, especially Sam Huff, who should have been off the radio 10 years ago.

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