WCVT (101.7 Stowe, VT)

Bill O'Neill billohno@gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 08:31:57 EST 2011

WCVT (101.7 Stowe) will be flipping the switch to the new tower and 
XMTR on Mt. Mansfield on Friday at 1:01 p.m. The morning host Brian 
Harwood, mentioned it in passing this morning. Found it interesting (in 
a geeky sort of way) that while they aren't hyping the event, the are 
flipping it at a time that lines up with their frequency, 101.7. 
Harwood is a very good "listen" in the morning. Very low key and yet 
funny in the sense that he seems to thoroughly enjoy what he is doing.  
I suspect that is a critical piece missing from many jocks today; they 
either sound like they would rather be somewhere else, or they ARE 
somewhere else.  
Harwood is a radio (and advertising) legend in Vermont and is well 
known in classical music circles; he recently replaced Ken Squier as 
Chairman of the Vermont VSO board. He is retired from his HMC 
advertising in Stowe around '06. He's been with WDEV/WCVT for decades. 
A bio I found online mentions his having worked as a reporter for 
WCAX-TV years ago. 
With all that time in with the station, it must be a thrill for Harwood 
and others there to be able to kick up the juice on classical music in 
Vermont. With VPR Classical and now a broader reaching WCVT, the state 
certainly has a solid terrestrial radio base of classical music.
Bill O'Neill

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>>for instance, but the system would not have scaled up very well, for 
>Which raises the question, what idiot put it into effect in the first 
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