WCVT (101.7 Stowe, VT)

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Hi, Dan-

The reference distance is simply the distance to the 60 dBu (1mV/m) f(50,50)
contour, given the Effective Radiated Power and the Height Above Average
Terrain. That distance can be taken from the f(50,50) charts the FCC
published years ago, or it can be computed.  The FCC has an online
calculator and lots of reference material here:


Information about the class contour distances for the various classes is
contained in the rules 47 CFR 73.210 and 47 CFR 73.211.  You can Google
those terms and see online copies. The actual charts are linked from the
page referenced above.


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Thanks! That sounds a lot more reasonable, but I don't understand the
meaning or significance of the reference distance that Dave Doherty
mentioned, how the reference distance is derived, or how it enters into the
HAAT or maximum-ERP calculations.

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