WUMB off?

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 15:12:06 EDT 2011

If they're on at all it's probably with very little power. I was in
Salem and Beverly today--and even if you're within a few blocks of
you can still get WUMB despite splashover--and normally it would come
in. Now, nothing other than maybe a very very faint signal.

(If you were to drive N on 1-A, say, into Wenham, Hamilton, Ipswich,
you would prob be able to get WNEF 91.7 off and on then finally
it takes over. Here of course, too close to WMWM to get WNEF 91.7, but
let's just say as of now WUMB is pretty much off on 91.9...

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