Quincy Ma

~Bill ecps92@earthlink.net
Sun Aug 28 15:05:42 EDT 2011

Just ran out to the Car, rain/wind let up for a bit, and 1300 am is all
static, No signal  :(
In the house only had analog dial, so I couldn't tell if it was on 1300 or

The days of my listening to WJDA went away when the Asher family sold it off
and the format was no longer English

Bill Dunn           N1KUG
Cruise Ship Frequencies

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On 8/28/2011 1:10 PM, ~Bill wrote:
> According to the Scanner [Quincy Fire] reports the  a 100'+  Tower in the
> marsh at the Intersection of Sea and Palmer St has gone down.
> The old Taxi Cab Bldg had a tower, but google earth shows that now as
> Condo's.
> Could it be the WJDA Tower?

It certainly sounds like it - though the WJDA tower was considerably 
more than 100 feet.

> Was this still in use? or had they moved the Transmitter to a newer

Still in use. Sister station WESX had moved to a new site and removed 
its old tower in Marblehead, but WJDA was still using the tower near Sea 
and Palmer.

Anyone hearing a signal on 1300?


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