More sports on FM: WIP(AM) to simulcast on 94.1

A. Joseph Ross
Mon Aug 22 17:17:54 EDT 2011

On 8/22/2011 4:11 PM, Don wrote:

> I suppose...but it doesn't address the fact that it is slowly becoming 
> the band of utility stations.
> And what is the future?  Irrelavancy?
> What will it be in 10 years?
> Weather beacons? Indian tribal language?

Well, one thing that has worked on AM and probably won't move to FM is 
ethnic and language niches stations.  The audience is too small for an 
FM station, but an AM station may be able to afford appealing to such 
audiences.  Certainly all of the Spanish programming so far in Boston 
has been on AM, likewise the other leased-time ethnic programming, such 
as is now done by WUNR.  As the Spanish-speaking population grows in 
size and purchasing power, I would expect a Spanish FM station, perhaps 
eventually more than one, but newer groups can have programming appear 
on low-budget AM stations.

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