More sports on FM: WIP(AM) to simulcast on 94.1

Peter Murray
Mon Aug 22 14:42:06 EDT 2011

Federal News Radio in DC? Started out on AM 1050, then moved to the
former WTOP (now on 103.5, displacing long-term commercial classical
WGMS) AM 1500 signal. Niche audience, but they are doing well. Content
is what matters to a listener (followed closely by the quality of the

How many more people would listen to WINS or WCBS if either of them
were on FM, rather than their existing facilities?
What would go on 1010 or 880 (were either of the current formats moved
to FM) in place of news that would achieve the same revenue as the
displaced FM programming (ignoring the theoretical uptick in revenue
once the news moved to FM)?


On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 1:30 PM, Don <> wrote:
> From: "Martin Waters" <>
>>> Many of us who hang out on this newsgroup are still interested in AM
>>> radio, but the
>>> public -- more strongly the younger the people are -- just doesn't listen
>>> to AM radio, >>period.
> Can anyone name a new AM sucess story in the last 15 years?
> (Besides sports?)

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