HD subchannels

Bill Welch bwelch1957@verizon.net
Sun Aug 21 10:22:30 EDT 2011

Former chief engineer of WGBY Dennis Dunbar had them on his LPTV in 
Washington DC that was associated with his Information Superstation 
service which is an executive branch version of what C-SPAN does..

Scott Fybush wrote:
> On 8/20/2011 1:04 AM, A Joseph Ross wrote:
>> Reminds me of the story, possibly apocryphal, about a San Francisco
>> radio station which wanted to be WKRP in San Francisco (back when the
>> sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati" was popular). Of course, they couldn't get a
>> W callsign in California, so they chose KRPN. And for their legal ID,
>> they said, "This is W KRPN San Francisco."
> Not apocryphal, but not San Francisco, either. It was a Salt Lake City 
> rimshot on 107.9, licensed to Roy, Utah. In 1986, it took the callsign 
> "KRPN" and began identifying itself on air as "WKRP," doing its legal 
> ID thusly:
> "This is W KRPN Roy-Salt Lake City."
> The gimmick didn't last long. The calls changed by 1992 and have 
> flipped again numerous times since then (the station is now KUDD.)
> The actual WKRP calls have bounced around the east without ever 
> finding much success. They were on an AM in Georgia at one point, and 
> later on a small AM in southern Indiana, and now reside on an 
> LPTV...but not the LPTV in Cincinnati that was branding itself as 
> "WKRP" for a few years.
> s

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