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The Cadillac ads ran during ER and the show's producers got so many
inquiries about Lisa Catera that they added a character named Lisa
Catera to the cast! I have never verified the truth of that story but
I heard someone from ER tell it during a radio interview and the story
was told as if it was the honest truth, so I have no reason to believe
that the story was made up.

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> That's what I said--WMWM Salem (then add the others). Salem
> definitely
> first. I recall WNSH when its studios were on Willow St in Hamilton
> saying "WNSH Beverly-Hamilton" (who is Beverly Hamilton? And who is
> "Lisa Catera?"--there used to be ads for Cadillac Catera, saying
> "lease a Catera" and the joke at the end asked that...)
> WNEF has ID'd as "WNEF Newburyport-Amesbury", the latter town
> aknowledging what town the antenna is in (optional on their part)

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