HD subchannels

Paul Hopfgarten paul@derrynh.net
Thu Aug 18 12:51:36 EDT 2011

I have NEVER heard a station ID by Channel #.......(EXCEPT FOR TXs which 
have the Channel # in the calls....)

WXKS-FM Channel 300 Medford-Boston......KISS 300 FM! (Or would be KISS 

Radio 225 IS WBOS Brookline-Boston

Jamn 233...

253...the Sports Hub....

etc, etc.....

-Paul H

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>As said before a station can ID with its calls and COL and then add
what they want
to accent what cities they serve besides the COL. I could say "WMWM
Salem-Beverly-Danvers-Peabody" if I wanted, as long as the "WMWM
Salem" was there. <

Bob, you're only partially right there.  You would have to say "WMWM Salem"
and then add whatever towns you wanted after.  Salem, as the COL, would have
to be first.

Correct form
"WMWM Salem"
"WMWM 91.7 Salem"
"WMWM Channel 219 Salem"

Incorrect form:
"WMWM Beverly-Salem"
"WMWM 91.7 FM Salem"
"91.7 WMWM"


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