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Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 10:36:59 EDT 2011

Of course we notice the COLs but stations often accent the larger area
they're serving
to try and convince the listener that they're really based there. At
the TOH, WMKK IDs as "WMKK Lawrence-Boston", I believe, but at other
times, and they can do this,
there will be some kind of promo with the WMKK Voice Guy saying, "We
play everything. Mike 93.7...Boston." The FCC requires the calls and
actual COL once per hour, but otherwise the station can use its
nickname and say "Boston", as in the bigger city it's serving.

Then there was the time when WKLB used to be at 99.5 licensed to
Lowell and the ID
at the TOH would say "WKLB, Lowell-Boston" and the "Lowell" was said quickly and
softly. It almost sounded like "...oh..." When they did a jingle, it
said "WKLB...Boston!" It still does even though they're actually
licensed to Waltham, at 102.5. You will
hear "WKLB--Boston!" as their jingle, of course, not "WKLB...Waltham!" :)

As said before a station can ID with its calls and COL and then add
what they want
to accent what cities they serve besides the COL. I could say "WMWM
Salem-Beverly-Danvers-Peabody" if I wanted, as long as the "WMWM
Salem" was there. I think the 107.1 up in Barre VT would say "WORK
Barre-Montpelier-Plainfield-(and about 5 other towns)" What I'm
getting at is that even if WROR is licensed to Framingham but
broadcasts from the Pru, they must say "WROR Framingham- (Boston)" as
their ID
but during liners, promos, etc they can get away with "WROR Boston" if
they wish.

As far as listeners are concerned, most would consider WMKK, WROR, WXKS (AM),
and even WCRB as "Boston" stations even if they are licensed to
Lawrence, Framingham, Newton, and Lowell. WMKK's studios are in Boston
and its stick is
in Peabody, but it's still licensed to Lawrence hence the legal ID,
but as far as their imaging is concerned it's "Mike 93.7...Boston".

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