HD subchannels

Eli Polonsky elipolo@earthlink.net
Wed Aug 17 19:18:58 EDT 2011

I get WRKO on 107.3 HD3 but if it's also supposed
to be on 97.7 HD3, either it's not on the air yet,
or my receivers aren't decoding it. I get WEEI on
97.7 HD2 and 107.3 HD2, but WRKO on 107.3 HD3 only.

I receive these HD subchannels in Somerville
on various receivers:

88.9  HD2- Broadway, off-Broadway show music
89.7  HD2- //WCRB, HD3-//WCAI
92.9  HD2- "Radio You" (mostly alt. rock)
93.3  HD2- Smooth Jazz
93.7  HD2- "Funkytown" (classic dance/disco)
94.5  HD2- "Old school" Rap/Hip-hop 
96.1  HD2- "Pride Radio" (mostly Hot AC, dance)
96.9  HD2- Irish music
97.7  HD2- //WEEI (not receiving any 97.7 HD3)
98.5  HD2- "WBCN The Rock of Boston", HD3-//WBZ
100.7 HD2- "Mojo" (Blues), HD3-"Free Form WBCN"
102.5 HD2- Classic Country
103.3 HD2- Soft hits, HD3-Christian rock/pop
104.1 HD2- '80s, HD3-"The Sky" (New Age talk)
105.7 HD2- "Nothing But The '70s"
106.7 HD2- Smooth Jazz
107.3 HD2- //WEEI, HD3-//WRKO
107.9 HD2- //WXKS 1200 AM

93.3, 96.1 and 107.3 HD's are difficult to
receive due to distance/signal strength.

104.1 HD3 is difficult to receive due to poor 
decoding. Cuts out while HD1 and HD2 are fine.


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