WXKS-AM hires Severin for afternoons

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@mail.com
Tue Aug 16 11:47:42 EDT 2011

I don't know if they plan to do that; WGIR, WGIN, and WTAG would probably all continue with Hannity,
 as would Providence's WHJJ (WHJY is the FM rocker in that city). Clear Channel doesn't "syndicate" morning
 man Jeff Katz and I don't know if they'd syndicate Severin, though who knows. CC tends to have stations with local morning hosts then syndie, though when I was in New Orleans their "Rush Radio 94.5" carried
 Hannity live 2-5 pm (CT, remember) then they went to former WRKO host John "Ozone" Osterlind.

 WXKS (AM) hasn't updated their schedule on the site yet so I don't know what will go on after Jay though supposedly they will time-shift Hannity. AM 1200's signal after dark of course is sketchy or non-existent in certain areas. I think they push east toward Boston. I do get them, so-so to half decent, in Beverly after dark.

 By the way as may have been mentioned, WAAF 107.3's HD-3 is now WRKO. No doubt the 680's problem
 to the west after dark may be one reason why. This is again good news to the literally dozens of people
 who own an HD radio :) (And from what I can gather, Entercom isn't promoting this news on air,
 unlike WXKS AM which says they can be heard on the HD2 of WXKS-FM ...again, great news for the few
 who do have an HD radio, and this might help solve a bit of their own problem.)

 Incidentally here is an idea of the HD subsignals I can get here in Beverly, on the portable
 107.9 HD2 -WXKS Talk 1200
 (107.3--I can barely get the main signal, and NO HD2 or HD3 but I'm on the North Shore...)
 106.7 HD 2 Smooth Jazz
 105.7 HD 2 Nothing But The 70s
 (104.1--no HD sub signals coming in)
 (103.3--have gotten soft hits on HD2 but not just now when I tried)
 102.5--HD 2 classic country
 100.7-- HD 2 blues, HD3 Freeform BCN--but dies after a second

 98.5--HD 2 rock, HD 3 WBZ Newsradio 1030
 97.7--HD 2--WEEI (but doesn't always come in)
 96.9-- HD 2 Irish
 94.5--HD 2 hip hop
 93.7--HD 2 Funkytown
 92.9--HD 2 Radio You
 89.7--HD 2 WCRB aka WGBH All Classical, HD3 WCAI
 88.9--HD 2 came in for a second, then lost it

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