Fw: Channel 44

Bob DeMattia bob.bosra@demattia.net
Mon Aug 15 22:41:11 EDT 2011

I punched in 44.5 on my TV this evening (don't usually use the off-air
tuner).  It immediately switched me to 44.1, added 44.1 back to my
channel list, and deleted 44.5.  I guess I have the smart tuner.

I forgot how much nicer the picture looks off-air compared to the
cable HD signals.


 I can confirm that Schuyler is correct. Perhaps your friend is
>> somehow
>> receiving 44.5 when she selects 44.1. My receiver does not reroute
>> me to 44.1 when I select 44.5. However, if TV stations can transmit a
>> redirect command and redirection is an optional feature of some
>> receivers but not others, I can imagine receivers that implement
>> redirection automatically tuning to 44.1 when commanded by the user
>> to tune to 44.5. If this is indeed what is going on, it's yet another
>> demonstration of the fact that the system architects don't give a
>> damn if viewers are completely mystified.

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