Channel 44

A Joseph Ross
Sun Aug 14 23:44:54 EDT 2011

My friend who is not very tech savvy and watches off-air TV with a 
converter box (that I set up for her) told me that channel 44 had 
disappeared from her channel menu.  I checked today and found that 
channel 44-1 had become 44-5, and the WGBX programming is there. 
Channels 44-2, 44-3, and 44-4 (GBH Kids, World, and Create) appear to be 
unchanged.  She wasn't sophisticated enough to notice that.

So why did WGBH change 44-1 to 44-5?  And why didn't they bother to 
announce something so that my friend (and others like her) can find the 

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