WEEI can't blame the Bruins for July

Bob Nelson raccoonradio@gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 08:48:08 EDT 2011

The rumor of Entercom buying WFNX awhile back was notable in that the
only media source that was reporting it was a weekly publication (and
online site) called the Weekly Dig. Nobody else had it, and both
Entercom and the Phoenix denied it. Funny...a rival to the Boston
Phoenix spreading a rumor of the Phoenix selling off their radio
outlet...just to tweak them I guess.

An FM presence for the sports talk and Red Sox/Celtics games may
happen eventually, as it has in other markets, but as noted before
Entercom is apparently doing well with
WAAF, WKAF, and WMKK and might not change them. WEEI is now on the HD2
signals of WAAF and WKAF, not that too many people yet have HD radios
or plan to get them.

For Red Sox games, WBOQ in Gloucester is an affiliate (not as powerful
as some would like, especially in some workplaces). If WMKK were to
//WEEI, or if somehow the Phoenix could indeed be convinced to sell
101.7 to Entercom, either North Shore-based station (well, WMKK is
licensed to Lawrence but the stick is in Peabody) would pose a threat
to WBOQ--assuming Entercom would allow the Sox to continue on 104.9.

WMKK's signal is pretty good, at least around here, but they don't
want to unplug the low cost, high profit "Mike".
By the way speaking of WBOQ, as Simon Geller continues to roll over in
his grave,
I do get to hear parts of some Sox games at work (in spots where it
does come in)
and the board op at "North Shore 104.9" has to often cut off promos and IDs WEEI
runs. The voice of Jim Cutler starts to tell people about The Big Show
or Dale and
Holley, etc., and suddenly the board op has to inject some kind of WBOQ promo
to squash it. I don't know if other Sox affiliates have the same
problem--I'd think
the Red Sox network must have a stream they can tap into where that
doesn't happen
but 104.9 for some reason winds up getting a stream where the WEEI promos
pop in, and they have to quickly move to cut off the promos...

On Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 7:08 PM, Kevin Vahey <kvahey@gmail.com> wrote:
> http://www.boston.com/sports/touching_all_the_bases/2011/08/media_linkage_and_more_arbitro.html
> Only the Red Sox games in the evening are keeping them close.
> I am sure the Entrercom buying WFNX rumors will start again but I don't
> think 101.7 is strong enough unless they just simulcast 850.

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