Most expensive thing I ever won from a radio station

Linc Reed-Nickerson
Fri Aug 5 14:51:15 EDT 2011

I always amazed me the great prizes many Boston and area stations gave 
away, OK probably trade, but I was appalled by the absolute junk that 
WBZ gave away.  And some really dumb contests!

Ruth Marshaletta, seems like she was from Leominster or Fitchburg, 
somewhere west of Boston, was always winning for the Jay Dunn "Household 

I won $100 once from WKBR, circa 1962...  I found the Easter Egg buried 
behind the studios at Front Road.  About 4 years later, and I know you 
were looking for radio, but....

I was the "big winner" on Password, air date July 22, 1966.  Played with 
Arthur Godfrey and Dorothy Loudon, soundly defeated my opponent Sybil 
Pollock!   $600 out of a possible $700.  I missed two words in one of 
the "Lightning Rounds."  Show was taped in June 29th (I think).

I watched show from home in Newbury, MA, and watched the last show of 
that week in Woolworth's in San Francisco, I could see my new wife in 
the audience  That evening I reported to Oakland Army base, and by that 
time the following week I was in Vietnam.


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